Because I love Yachting and want to help the industry better support its Yacht Owners in their Journey.” 

Brendan O’Shannassy

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simple . fun . supported

Yacht ownership should be simple!

KATANA Maritime was founded to help yacht Owners through their journey in Yachting.  Purchase, Construction and Operation. 


Yacht ownership should be fun!

KATANA Maritime recognizes this and works alongside owners and their teams to define their vision and sensitivities for their yacht – new or operational.


Yacht Operations should be supported!

KATANA Maritime does not ‘manage’ yachts.  We partner with our yachts and their owners to define and support their vision. We give Captains the tools to deliver what the Guests are looking for.


“Having an Elite Skill and sharing this for the benefit of others, this is professional Fulfillment”

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Yacht Management

After spending my adult life gaining a mastery of Yacht Operations, I found myself an elite mariner and vessel manager, but sharing this knowledge was missing.

Filling this gap began through mentoring shipmates and then continued to yacht owners  through private referrals to guide through their yacht ownership journey.

Taking this to the next level, partnering with leading firms gave the reach and penetration to the market to deliver on the promise.